We will help you design a custom floor plan depending on your vision and guest count. Here are a few examples to help you visualize possible layouts of Greenhouse Loft:

FLOORPLAN GALLERY to include ceremonies (garden, inside two days) and at least 4-6 reception layouts including seating capacity with each set-up

Sample Wedding Timeline

While all weddings have unique details that make them different, this I’d like to see this timeline with less text and more facts, more like the ones you do on the final event sheet. This is  alot of text...is it necessary? Thoughts?  Agree - needs to be really short.  This is too long. rough sketch will help you see how much we can fit into your 10 hour rental:    

  • 4pm - Caterers and other vendors arrive to set up. They are masters at taking a room from nothing to spectacular. We recommend that brides and grooms do not come at this time, because it’s an intense whirlwind of activity—give them a good hour-and-a-half to make it look pretty for you!    

  • 6 pm - Guests arrive and find their seats   

  • 6:30-7pm - Ceremony (this is based on a short-and-sweet ceremony, but we can adjust accordingly)    

  • 7-8pm - Cocktail hour in the garden or the Green Exchange second floor lobby. During cocktail hour, a transition of the room may occur, we may take photos, or staff may serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails   

  • 8-9:30pm – Dinner is served. It may seem late, but your guests have been chowing down on appetizers during cocktail hour, so they are feeling good. Timing of dinner varies: a plated and a full sit-down affair can take longer than a buffet line. The size of your event also impacts the timing; 100 people finish a meal a lot faster than 200. During this time there are often speeches, toasts, blessings and cake!    

  • 9:30pm-midnight - Dancing! Most DJs say that if you want a dance party, you don’t want more than three hours for dancing. After that, it can get tiring and perhaps a little sloppy! Also during this time, desserts may be served, or maybe some late night snacks—and more photos!    

  • Midnight - DJ or band ends and bar closes. Guests will finish their drinks, say their goodbyes and find their way to the hotel or after-party! The couple only needs to take their cards, gifts, and anything perishable with them the night of the wedding. We’ll pack up all your decor and you can come pick it up the Monday after your wedding.

  • 12:30-2am - Vendor cleanup. All guests should leave by 12:30am so caterers can break down the room and clean up.        


Final Walk-Through - need to finalize this section; will include the following:

  • Build out your 10 hour rental timeline
  • Decide on a floor plan
  • Confirm any add-ons to your rental (candle package, chair rental, or parking lot rental)
  • Discuss drop-off and pick-up times, as well as set-up and break-down times for vendors