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Emily & Frank's Wedding

We love when couples choose to spend time taking photos in their neighborhood!  Emily and Frank did their first look right in front of their house on a sunny September 12th day!  We traveled to the Humbolt Park and the 606 for more inspired photos!  Our favorite part was when we took a small detour over to Bangers and Lace in Wicker Park where these two had their first date!  The wedding party downed a celebratory shot, had some fun photos taken and we were off to the ceremony!  Emily and Frank were so stylish in an easy and laid back way, we loved her flower crown and flow-y gown. For their ceremony they sat in the front row and soaked in the beautiful readings.  After the ceremony a cocktail style reception ensued!  Favorite moment was when Emily's sister and friend got up and surprised them with a small concert of meaningful songs.  There wasn't a dry eye in the loft.  Take a look at the photos below and Emily's take on the day :)


"Getting married should be about celebrating--celebrating life, love, friendship, connection."


"From the start, we knew that we wanted to find a space that could hold all the energy and spirit that our friends and family would bring to our celebration, and a space that could offer a similarly vibrant energy in return. Walking into Greenhouse Loft is like walking into a warm embrace that signals the start of something wonderful. Whether during the brightest hour of the morning or the deep darkness of an autumn night, the cozy yet enveloping interior of GHL lures you into its brightness and fills you with joy--all of our guests remarked on the beautiful aesthetics and kept asking, "How did you find this place?""

"Yet, even better than the place are the people who maintain it, who offer friendly, creative, and timely assistance, advice, and support every step of the way. From the minor details to the toughest decisions, the GHL staff were there for us, and so genuinely made us feel that they were invested in making our wedding day perfect." 

"Along with the memories in our minds, we have beautiful GHL photographs to share and cherish for years to come. For us, getting married was about celebrating, and about focusing on the deeper reasons for coming together to commit to a life in partnership. GHL understood this, honored this, and did everything they could to take on the tasks of making the day look and feel the way we wanted it to, freeing us up to focus on enjoying each other, our people, and an unforgettable celebration!"

Cheers to you Emily & Frank!

Many thanks to the vendors who helped make the evening memorable for them!  

Catering - Big Delicious Planet
DJ - Cage & Aquarium
Flowers - Flowers for Dreams
Wedding Dress - BHLDN
Groom's Suit - Express
Makeup - Robin Kelly Roche
Hair - Kelly Cardenas Salon
Transportation - Limotainment

Jessica & Taylor

Jessica & Taylor

Jessica and Taylor married on June 27, 2015, it was a bright blue sky afternoon.  So much fun doing first looks right downtown amongst the hustle and bustle of Michigan Ave. This laid back and fun couple were a joy to spend the day with.  I loved reading their write up, and how they fell in love with space, so amazing to hear that people connect with Greenhouse Loft, and we are always honored when people choose to spend one of the most special days here, and have us photograph the magic.  Speaking of magic - Make sure you scroll all the way down to see the magic that was happening on the dance floor that night!!  Thank you again to the couple, their kind family and friends, and all the vendors that brought their best!  xo

"After the late October 2013 proposal, I constantly heckled Taylor about his timing: how were we supposed to plan a summer wedding with less than a year of planning?! At the time, we were living in Seattle & agreed to have our wedding in Chicago, closer to where I grew up. Given the distance, I spent countless hours perusing the internet to find a venue that inspired me. I came across Greenhouse Loft early in my search and it immediately became the frontrunner. I have always been enamored with Chicago architecture so I knew I wanted a loft space reflecting this ideal. Unfortunately, my heart was nearly broken when I realized how limited the availability for 2014 was. During a trip back home for the holidays, I visited my top three loft prospects in person. In a very cliché Goldilocks way: one was too boring ($5000 in "draping" to dress up the walls?), one was too much maintenance (I have to bring my own toilet paper and hand soap?!), and the final one was just perfect. Unlike my other two tours, I could tell the Greenhouse Loft group held the space very near and dear to their hearts. I looked to my mom, the one person whose opinion I always value, and could tell she felt the same comforting vibe I did. I mean, no one wants a mid-wedding toilet paper crisis! It was worth postponing our marriage a year. "

"It rained the entire week leading up to our wedding day. Taylor & I were checking the weather forecast like clockwork: one day it would say sunny with no chance of rain [!], the next would predict a torrential downpour. The pessimist in me was convinced our beloved urban courtyard would just be a mirage come Saturday. To our luck, it was quite possibly the most perfect forecast you could expect from a summer day in the city. Phew. Jamie met up with the ladies at our hotel as Eric started taking photos of the men. For logistical ease, we chose to do all of our first look/wedding party photos before the ceremony. It was much easier to suppress the miniature bridezilla in me knowing Jamie and Eric had seamless communication with each other and could effectively navigate our way to Lincoln Park and the loft. Better yet, Jamie understood that my vague direction of, "I really like that honeycomb thing on your website" actually meant, "please take us to Lincoln Park for pictures"! I cannot stress enough how grateful I was to know the two of them had everything handled. It truly allowed us to enjoy the time spent alone with our bridal party."

"Our ceremony was officiated by my sister-in-law's father and we were surrounded by our closest friends and family. Two minutes before the start, I impulsively decided to have the wedding party walk out to a string version of David Guetta's "Titanium". While one of us was laughing down the aisle as the other nearly shed a tear (sorry, Taylor!), the tables were turned during the reception. After my stellar no-tears ceremony performance, I confidently agreed to take the first speech. I stood up, took a look around, and immediately realized that 110/120 of our guests traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to attend our wedding. Literally ten of our guests actually live in the state of Illinois. I tried my best to make a joke...and then my joke became tears and a lot of mumbling. To see everyone you are close to, all in one room to celebrate the two of you, is the most surreal feeling one could imagine. Taylor knows how confusing I find the usage of "humbling", but honestly, that is the only way I could describe it." 

"More speeches were given (all in a more eloquent manner than mine) and we proceeded to drink and feast. We will skip over the part where Taylor tried to shove cake in my face (if he thought this was something I'd actually enjoy, our marriage is probably doomed!). We shared our first dance together and continued the festivities through the night. Our DJ was spot on with our numerous requests ("Taylor cannot stand Outkast"/"There is no such thing as too much Pitbull") and really kept the party going strong. Looking back, I know Taylor is secretly pleased I won our endless battle-of-the-youngest-children argument over whether or not to include the Ultimate Photobooth. Steve completely nailed it - we ended up with very priceless photos and it continually gave our guests a fun break from the dance floor. Overall, everything just felt so lighthearted!"

"I could not have imagined a more perfect day, venue, guest list, or husband (ha!). I realized how important it was to have vendors who truly take pride in what they do. I started to feel so silly when I thought about how much anxiety went into planning those 12 hours. How could so much stress result in something so effortless? The outcome was just stunning. The architectural elements within the loft, the beautiful urban courtyard, and the subtle tealights were everything we could have hoped for. Both of us concluded that all of the small planning frustrations we (mostly me, Taylor is annoyingly cheery and optimistic all the time) had were completely unnecessary. I was constantly afraid of outsourcing tasks to other people in fear of losing my ability to control the final output. In the process, I realized it is entirely possible to curate an all-star list of vendors while still adding an ample amount of your own personal influence. In the end, it is all about celebrating your new life together with your loved ones. So, thank you to our friends, family, and vendors for making the day one we will never forget!"

Thanks to the vendors who helped put together an awesome celebration!

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft Jamie Davis, Eric Davis, Steve Ewert
Catering: Fig Catering
DJ: Toast & Jam
Florist: Pollen
Cake: Amy Beck Cake Design
Dress: Jinza Bridal


Laurie & Billy

Laurie & Billy

It was a brisk June 19th, but everyone kept warm and cozy as we traveled through the city in a bus stopping and taking photos at the epic Olive Park, with beautiful panoramic views of the city along the lake.  The day had added joy with all the little ones joining us the whole day.  We even visited a local firehouse, since Billy is also a Chicago fire fighter.  It was such a fun ceremony with a  cocktail style reception that followed with live music all at Greenhouse Loft!  Enjoy Laurie's memories of the wedding and our favorite photos we were so honored to take! 


"Billy and I got engaged in December and had our hearts set on a June wedding.  Since we were late to the game, we decided that a Friday wedding was our best option.  We needed a smaller, intimate location that could serve as both the site of our vows and the reception.  Finally the wedding guests included 15 children under the age of twelve, so we needed a safe location that allowed them to enjoy themselves and their parents celebrate without worrying about the kids.  I found Greenhouse Loft’s website and it was perfect.  The calendar allows you to easily check if your date is free.  The pictures and video are fantastic to let you pre-experience the space before visiting.  Billy and I visited the space three days later and booked it immediately!"

"During the morning, I was surrounded by the bridal party getting ready in the suite.  Once Jamie arrived for pictures, the fun (and nerves) started!  Billy and I had our first look on the spiral staircase in the JW Marriott hotel.  The set up was perfect and our family was able to watch.  My nerves instantly went away, and I felt complete...ready to face the day with him."

"Jamie suggested Olive Park for our photos and it couldn’t be a more perfect location.  The weather was a bit chilly, but you couldn’t tell in the photos!  The family shots and couple photos were great with the city in the background.  The nephews were playing around and got some great pictures with Navy Pier in the background!  At our 2nd location, we choose a historic firehouse as a nod to Billy’s profession.  The fireman pulled the engine out and were really accommodating.  While my husband ran to the restroom, I took pictures with the fireman wearing a the official hat.  It was priceless to see Billy’s face when we got the pictures!"

"Our officiant, Anita Vaughan, was fantastic.  She customized the wedding to our personal story and made it funny and special.  We got married outside surrounded by family and friends.  I just remember feeling calm, relaxed and taking in every moment."

"From the cake cutting to the first dance, the night was perfectly timed and flew by.  We loved seeing everyone enjoy themselves and be able to let loose ourselves.  Our guests raved about the food and band.  We felt lucky enough to have a small wedding and really enjoy our guests, spending time with everyone."

"We loved all of our vendors!  Once you find the vendor you want to work with, I highly recommend giving them range to make recommendations and decisions.  I don’t assume to know the perfect flowers for June, best locations for photos, music that everyone will love, etc.  My wedding truly came together when I let the professionals do what they do best.  Our flowers were gorgeous beyond my imagination!  The photos turned out fabulous and unique!  Our ceremony and reception music was fantastic!!  I didn’t worry about a thing on my wedding day, as Greenhouse orchestrated with my vendors beautifully.  I highly recommend using their recommended vendors…they are top notch, know the space, and have a relationship with the Greenhouse staff.  Make the day hassle free!"

Thanks to our vendors!

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft Jamie Davis, Eric Davis
Catering: Fig Catering
Ceremony Music: Neil Dixon Smith
Officiant: Anita Vaughan
Band: Red Pop Fury
Florist: Pistil & Vine
Cake: Alliance Bakery
Transportation: Windy City Trolly
Bride's Hair: Lucy Portillo
Bride's Makeup: Sonia Roselli Makeup Studio
Bride's Dress: Glamour Closet
Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Yamini & Mark's Vibrant Celebration

We are so excited to share Yamini and Mark's photos from their June 20th wedding!  Full of beautiful details, vibrant colors, a dramatic weather turn, flower petals abound, two ceremonies, delicious food, and an epic dance party!  We loved these two and their contagious smiles.  Enjoy some of the highlights of the day and their take on the celebration! 

"Our wedding day was filled with love, color, and two wedding ceremonies! It was the perfect way to celebrate the love that Mark and I have for each other and we were blessed to be able to share it with our amazing families and friends."

"The weekend started with a traditional Indian mehndi celebration where the bride, her bridesmaids, and the women nearest and dearest to her gathered to have their hands decorated with henna.  The common belief is the darker the henna is on the bride's hand, the more she will be loved by her husband."

"Saturday, June 20th began as a picture perfect day. The bride and her bridesmaids could not wait for hair and make-up to begin.  Dawn from Edit Faces provided flawless make-up and Jennifer from Mario Tricoci created beautiful up-dos for me, my mother, and the bridesmaids.  Saris were donned by all and I wore a magenta and gold lehenga.  The men wore classic tuxedos, provided and fitted by Tom Ventura at Black Tie Formalwear and started their day with a shoe shine at Nordstrom’s iconic Michigan Avenue location."

"Mark and I shared our memorable first look atop the Dana Hotel and proceeded to travel around town with our wedding party taking stunning pictures at the murals on Hubbard St. as well as a factory in the West Loop.  Jamie and Eric knew exactly what shots to take and made the wedding party look amazing."

"When we arrived at Greenhouse Loft, it was time for our Indian ceremony to begin.  The hour long ceremony took place in the courtyard, under the mandap and included many rituals, such as Saptapadi, in which the couple takes seven steps together, symbolizing an unspoken vow.  It was a welcome surprise for the bride to hear her soon to be husband recite the ancient Sanskrit language with stunning accuracy!  Family and friends participated by showering the couple with flowers and providing blessing for the marriage.  The Gods were definitely smiling down on the happy couple, for just as the ceremony ended and the couple exited, the heavens opened up and showered down on the guests."

"After a wardrobe change for the bride, mothers, and bridesmaids, and a delicious hour of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, the second ceremony began. 
Officiated by Andrew Kopf, a dear friend of the groom, this ceremony included an exchanging of vows and rings.  Soon after, the (twice) married couple was whisked away to the photobooth for pictures with family and the wedding party."

"The reception followed, with a fusion Indian/American plated dinner from Hearty Boys, gorgeous floral and candle centerpieces by Pollen, and delicious cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B's.  After speeches by the father of the bride, the matron of honor and the best man, the bride and groom took to the dance floor for their first dance and did not leave it thanks to the amazing music courtesy of Tyler from Cage and Aquarium.  Tyler kept the hits going and the wedding guests had a hard time leaving the packed dance floor, but managed to squeeze in lots of fun in the Ultimate Photobooth with Steve."

Looking back, we could not have had a more amazing day.  We felt so much love from our guests and were privileged to have the most dedicated team of vendors.

Thanks to our vendors!

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft Steve Ewert, Jamie Davis, Eric Davis
Catering: Hearty Boys
DJ: Tyler Cage + Aquarium
Florist: Pollen
Cupcakes: Sweet Mandy B's
Makeup: Edit Faces
Hair: Mario Tricoci
Tuxedos: Black Tie Formalwear

Amanda & Antonio's Colorful June Wedding

Amanda and Armando were our first wedding in June, it was exciting and really felt like the first summer wedding!  It was also our first outdoor wedding of the season, a beautiful June 6th evening.  Armando and Amanda met in high school, so the wedding was full of old friends that knew these two since they were really young.  The wedding was officiated by two very special people in Amanda's life, everything was so personal and touching.  Please see below for this vibrant colorful day.  Congratulations again to Amanda and Armando!  xox


"Our wedding day was wonderful from start to finish. My bridesmaids and I had our makeup and hair done at the home of a family friend, while the guys prepared for the day at our home. Although it was chilly for June, you would never know from the pictures, thanks to the sun and the clear blue sky. The photography was the most important feature of the day, the first look was in the neighbors enchanted garden, next stop was the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park, and then the at Kinzie Bridge. Final stop was at GHL to get married. To give our ceremony that personal touch we wanted, we had the service performed by my godmothers and had our dog be part of our ceremony as the flower girl. But the best part was marring my best friend and high school sweetheart!"

"The GHL space was set up beautifully for the reception and exactly as I had planned, a perfect way to end the day with delicious food, memorable traditions, awesome music & dancing, amazing cupcakes, ridiculousness in the photo booth and the excitement of having all of our family and friends in one room."

"Thank you to all my vendors and the careful planning of the GHL staff for making the day run smoothly.  And a special thanks to GHL photography for the beautiful photographs, I couldn’t have ask for anything more, such a specially way to remember June 6th, 2015!"

Many thanks to these awesome vendors!

Flowers: Pollen
Catering: Fig
DJ: Victor from Cage and Aquarium
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis from Greenhouse Loft Photography 
Cake: Sweet Mandy B's

Emily & Terry's whimsical spring wedding

It was a brisk May 9th but that didn't stop this lovely crew from having loads of fun outside!  It was a perfect spring day in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.  Flower petals were gently falling off the trees, and the early spring flowers popping out of the ground.  Emily and Terry had the first outside wedding of the year in our garden that day too!  Enjoy the photos and the write up that the two of them wrote about their day.  We couldn't agree more with their sentiments of what a wonderful day it was.  xo 

"Our big day could not have been more perfect. We began at the Hilton Chicago, where the bridal party dressed and prepared for portraits before our first look. The Bride and her bridesmaids had their makeup and hair done by Vanessa Rose Makeup. When the time came for the first look, Jamie and Eric found us a lovely spot in Grant Park across from the hotel, with white flower petals falling around us like snow. After our first look and some additional wedding party photos in the park, we took some fun portraits at the Kinzie Street bridge and headed on to Greenhouse Loft for the ceremony and reception."

"We had our ceremony in the beautiful outdoor space, and despite slightly chilly temperatures, it was perfect. The Maid of Honor played and sang Adele's "Make You Feel My Love", and our officiant Tracey Bianchi created a ceremony that carefully blended our backgrounds and desires, incorporating words of love from each of us to the other."

"After the ceremony, we took family and wedding party portraits in the Ultimate Photo Booth, allowing us to take home beautiful formal portraits with our loved ones on our special day."

"The indoor space for our reception was decorated with tea lights from Greenhouse Loft and unique and gorgeous flowers and centerpieces made by Beth from Larkspur Floral, and set exactly the right mood for our night of celebration. Speeches by the fathers of the Bride and Groom, the Best Man, and the Maid of Honor were given during the delicious seasonal dinner from Food for Thought. Tyler, our DJ from Cage and Aquarium, kept everything running smoothly and efficiently throughout the dinner and speeches, and into the dancing portion of the evening, where the dance floor was packed from start to finish. In the midst of the dancing, our guests were presented with a late night snack of "mega-cannoli" from D'Amato's Bakery."

"As we looked back at the end of the night, we agreed that we wouldn't change a thing about our day, and all of the guests we spoke to agreed. Everyone worked together to make it a special, memorable occasion, full of love, and we couldn't be more grateful."

Many thanks to everyone involved in making this night spectacular! 

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft Steve Ewert, Jamie Davis, Eric Davis
Invitations: Inskeep Brothers Printing
Hair/Makeup: Vanessa Rose Makeup
Wedding Dress: Fantastic Finds
Grooms Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant: Tracey Bianchi
Catering: Food for Thought
DJ: Tyler Cage + Aquarium
Florist: Larkspur Floral
Cannoli: D'Amato's Bakery

Zoe + Jason's "Between Two Ferns" Wedding

Zoe + Jason's "Between Two Ferns" Wedding

Zoe and Jason came to see Greenhouse Loft when it was literally...a piece of concrete!  Fashioning hard hats and all, this couple envisioned the beauty and potential we planned well before the wood floors, windows, and twinkle lights were installed. 

It was a special treat to spend the day with these two love birds.  May 16, 2015 was one of the first nice warm days of the spring, everything was perfect!  From the delicious food from Food for Thought to the jams on the dance floor from DJ Chicago.  It was all perfect.  But take it from the bride and groom themselves as you read their account of the day accompanied by the photos taken by Steve Ewert, Jamie Davis and Eric Davis of Greenhouse Loft Photography. 


"Our wedding day was the culmination of almost ten years in each others lives and four years of off and on planning.  From when we first saw Greenhouse Loft in 2011 while it was still under construction, the venue always had been in the back of our minds as we debated between a Midwest or East Coast (our current home) ceremony.  Ultimately we decided in the spring of 2014 to marry in the city in which we met and grew close, and we were ecstatic to book a date for the following spring."

"Our day together started with a first look in the gardens of Millennium Park, with the iconic Chicago skyline as the back drop. With the full cooperation of the weather all afternoon, Jamie and Eric were able to get a fantastic set of pictures before heading into the Chicago Cultural Center. Inside we had the opportunity for some great shots among the ornate tilework in entryway. We were then whisked away to the north side in a black-on-black Tesla Model S for the start of our ceremony."

Our ceremony went beautifully, an affair we had meticulously crafted to be 100% our style. Officiated by the groom’s close friend of 20 years, having quotes from astrophysicists and a ring box vaguely resembling a Zelda treasure chest definitely made it our own. We customized the beautiful modern venue by spending untold hours crafting a frame supporting diaphanous paper cones that served as an intimate ceremony back drop. The space was just as we envisioned it and having friends and family in attendance was perfection.  The flower arrangements frankly blew us away by simultaneously surprising us and being just as we imagined, and Kate from Fleur Du Jour meshed well with our sense of humor as she helped us get married Between Two Ferns.

"The reception was no less exciting with Steve manning the Ultimate Photo Booth. The beer and cheese pairings, the station-style dinner, and the simply elegant tiered cake all kept our guests and us happy. Dylan did a great job paying homage to our musical tastes by mixing in favorites like Sneaker Pimps while keeping the party going.  Mike set up some amazing video shots, and we can’t wait to see the results. As we rode off at the end of the night, we couldn’t think of anything we would have changed."


"There are always the stories of the one big thing that went wrong at a wedding, but that just didn’t happen.  We attribute this success not to luck, but to Greenhouse Loft and all our vendors (especially Laura and The Ideal Day!) for really putting forth the effort to get every little detail right and making it a  phenomenal experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives."

Thank you to the wonderful team of vendors!

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft: Steve Ewert, Jamie Davis, Eric Davis
Planner: The Ideal Day - Laura Patterson
Flowers: Fleur du Jour
Videography: Hendzel Productions
Catering: Food for Thought
DJ: DJ Chicago   
Cake: Elysia Root Cakes
Transportation: E-Motion
Invitations: Bride and Groom
Wedding Dress: Ramona Kaveza
Groom's Attire: Formally Modern


Julie and Alison's Wedding Celebration

Julie and Allison had a beautiful wedding at Greenhouse Loft last September, filled with family, friends, and lots of dancing! The brides took photos in our outdoor garden, followed by a Ketubah signing indoors, with family circled around. They wed underneath a beautiful chuppah adorned with lush green branches and touches of florals prepared by Pollen Floral Design. Close friends were involved in the ceremony as well, with one performing a solo guitar song.

Parents and friends toasted Julie and Alison with words of encouragement during the reception. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by FIG Catering, then a large dance party ensued, thanks to great tunes from Toast & Jam. Everyone had fun getting group portraits taken in Greenhouse Loft's Ultimate Photo Booth

Check out the photo story from Julie + Alison's September wedding at Greenhouse Loft!


We also cannot rave more about Greenhouse Loft - and we hear equally great things from all of our guests.  Everything was flawless and beautiful. 

-Julie and Alison

Thank you to a great wedding team!

Catering and Alcohol: FIG Catering 
Flowers: Pollen Floral Design
DJ: Toast & Jam (Karin)
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis for Greenhouse Loft Photography

We've been grateful to work with many wonderful same-sex couples on their weddings and Greenhouse Loft is proud to support marriage equality. We'll be participating in the upcoming LGBT Wedding Expo, hosted by the Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

The event is free and open to the public! It will take place on Saturday Marcy 7th, from 11am to 2pm at 3179 N. Clark Street, 2nd floor. Come swing by our booth to chat about your upcoming wedding. We'll be serving up delicious champagne cocktails! We hope to see you there.

Pat and Kim's Best Day Ever!

Kim and Pat had a gorgeous August wedding day and we were not only lucky enough to host their celebration at Greenhouse Loft, but also photograph all the special moments throughout the day! 

Kim shared a few words with us about what was most important to her and Pat on their wedding day. In Kim's words:

Pat and I were engaged for 18 months because we wanted time to prepare for our wedding. From the start we made our guests, a city venue, and the food a priority. We wanted our guests to feel like they were dining out downtown on our wedding night and both Greenhouse Loft and Hearty Boys delivered!

What I'll remember most from our wedding day was all the laughter. I remember being so nervous putting on the dress and going to meet Pat for the "first look" photos. But once we saw each other all the nerves melted away. The rest of the day was filled with joy and laughter, even during the ceremony. 

I think the space at the venue perfectly complemented the casual and soft vibe we were going for. Every choice we made was a reflection of us as a couple. Our cutting cake was from Table 52, the restaurant where we got engaged. Our cocktail hour featured two signature cocktails: his and hers favorites. Our favors were letterpress posters handmade by the bride with love song quotes. In the end, our day felt personal and special.

We couldn't have recapped the day better ourselves. Cheers to these love birds, and all the couples we get to work with - past, present, and future. We love being a part of your big day! 

Check out some of our favorite photos from Pat and Kim's wedding below.


The bride designed her entire invitation suite through her design business, Kim Designs

Kim and Pat got ready separately at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Then the couple had their first look in the hotel's grand lobby. Their sweet pup even joined in for some photos!

After the first look, the wedding party left the hotel for photos in Millennium Park's Lurie Garden and outside of the Art Institute of Chicago. We love how picturesque this area is - joining together nature elements with beautiful Chicago architecture in the backdrop.

The ceremony was held at Greenhouse Loft, on the glasshouse side of the room with a lush garden backdrop.

After enjoying cocktail hour in the garden, guests came back into the loft for dinner. The head table was set up so that bridal party spouses/significant others could sit across from their dates, leaving an open window for the bride and groom, of course! A lot of couples do this in our space and we love the set-up with the dance floor right in front of the head table.

Kim screen printed lyrics from some of their favorite love songs as favors for guests. How cool is that? Then the bride and groom were toasted by their mothers before dinner began.

The couple cut a cake from Table 52, with a fun cake topper, keeping with their 'Best Day Ever' theme.

The bridal party sent silver streamers onto the couple during their first dance!

When the hula hoops made an appearance on the dance floor, both adults and chidden joined in the fun.

Thank you to a great team of vendors who helped Kim and Pat have their Best Day Ever!

Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis (documentary) and Steve Ewert (Ultimate Photo Booth), all for Greenhouse Loft Photography 
Invitations and favors: made by the bride - Kim Designs
Catering: Hearty Boys
Cutting cake: Table 52
DJ: Style Matters
Bagpipes: Joe Pyle 
Flowers: Halsted Flowers
Dress: Enzoani from Glamour Closet, Chicago
Seamstress & custom veil: Vicki Nelson
Bride's statement necklace and shoes: Nina
Hair: Mark Anthony uffin
Makeup: Ana Pagan
Rings: Exquisite Jewelers, Palatine
Groom's suit: Trunk Club (custom fitted)
Groom's Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Groom's tie: Burberry

Diane and Melinda's Kid-Friendly Wedding

On a cold, snowy Chicago day, nothing cheers us up more than looking back at photos from one of our favorite weddings hosted at Greenhouse Loft this past summer. There are so many little details that made Diane and Melinda's wedding so special, but one of our favorite things about this couple was how thoughtful they were about including their two children and and friend's kids in the festivities. It was truly a family-centric celebration and we couldn't have been more delighted to capture all the special moments throughout the day!

The brides began their day getting ready in separate rooms at the Trump Hotel, followed by a memorable first look on the terrace of the hotel overlooking the Chicago River. Then Diane and Melinda headed to the Nature Boardwalk in Lincoln Park to get some photos near the picturesque honeycomb structure with their two children, Jackson and Ella, and their Matrons of Honor. 

The whole family was involved in the ceremony at Greenhouse Loft. Their son, the ring bearer; their daughter, the flower girl. Diane and Melinda wed on the glasshouse side of our loft space, with a lush garden backdrop behind them.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and drinks prepared by Food For Thought. The brides even supplied some fun games to entrain the children during cocktail hour in the garden. From bags, to hula hoops, to giant jenga, the kids (and adults) had a blast playing together and building tall structures with the blocks! 

Meanwhile, the loft was transitioning over for dinner and dancing. Bright florals by Exquisite Design made lovely focal points at each table. We loved the "Mrs." & "Mrs." signs on the back of the Bride's chairs, as well as the "Stop by" and "Say hi" message on the back of two other seats at their head table.

Each adult place-setting had a glass of sparkling rose greeting them as they entered the room. And each children's place-setting came equipped with their own activity book and crayons to draw pictures. 


Among other drinks, the bartenders crafted two signature cocktails throughout the evening - the Berry Brunette and the Smashing Blonde! And we were swooning over their lovely cake from Alliance Bakery, adorned with ribbon, roses, succulents, and a romantic script cake topper. 

Diane and Melinda kicked off the reception by cutting into the cake. Then close friends and family members took turns toasting the lovely ladies of honor. 

Guests enjoyed their choice of delicious chicken or fish entrees, made by Food For Thought.

The brides took to their first dance after dinner, but it wasn't long before their daughter Ella joined in. Diane and Melinda whisked her up and twirled her around with them!


In addition to the wedding cake, Alliance Bakery made an impressive spread of macaroons, tarts, and other delicious treats - enough options to delight any sweet tooth! 

Even after dancing had begun, some of the children could often be found hula hooping in the garden.

Throughout the remainder of the evening, guests also visited Greenhouse Loft's Ultimate Photo Booth to get their portraits taken by Steve Ewert. It was such a spirited crowd and we love how playful they were!

What a special day. Thanks to an amazing team of vendors who executed everything flawlessly.

Catering: Food For Thought
Cake, Macaroons, and Desserts: Alliance Bakery
DJ: Toast & Jam
Florals: Exquisite Designs
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis (documentary) and Steve Ewert (Ultimate Photo Booth), all for Greenhouse Loft Photography 
Officiant: Rev Bruce Otto
Alcohol: Binny's

Special thanks to Diane and Melinda for allowing us to film their wedding. Mark Winters captured behind the scenes footage, as well as all of their special moments, so we could have a video that represents how our loft space can transition throughout a wedding day. Check it out!

Erica and Brook's Autumn Wedding Celebration

We had the pleasure of photographing Erica and Brook's wedding at Greenhouse Loft this past October. They were such a sweet couple and we loved spending the day with them. The groom was kind enough to share his thoughts from their wedding day with us. We hope you enjoy looking back at their autumnal wedding celebration through Brook's point of view, accompanied by photos taken by Jamie and Eric Davis for Greenhouse Loft Photography!

In Brook's words:

From start to finish, our wedding day was filled with laughter, fellowship, and fun. Our vendors had everything taken care of in advance, so we were free to spend brunch with our closest friends. Erica then went back to our Ukrainian Village apartment to get ready and put on her gorgeous dress designed by Jane White of Palazzo. We met outside the apartment for a memorable first look right across the street. 

The rain held off until the evening, so we were able to take pre-ceremony photographs at Humboldt Park. Between the lake, the autumn colors, the flower garden, and the park, there was no shortage of lovely vistas that made for great photos. From there, it was a short drive to Greenhouse Loft for the ceremony and reception.

By the time we arrived, the venue was already adorned with vibrant, bright flower arrangements from Pollen. These centerpieces served as the perfect backdrop for a touching ceremony officiated by Anita Vaughn.

It was important for us to keep our guests together in the main room surrounded by natural light throughout the evening. The flexibility and creativity of Greenhouse Loft made this possible. A semi-circle of chairs for the ceremony gave way to dining room tables for the reception, with our dance floor in the middle.

We enjoyed a delicious, family-style autumn dinner from Big Delicious Planet, with drinks supplied by Binny's.

Underneath a romantic ambiance of Christmas-lights and candle lights, we smiled all the way through our first dance.

Then we sang and celebrated through the evening as the band Spoken Four led a high-energy dance party.

The only break from dancing was to partake in Big Delicious Planet's cake pops and ice cream bar. The dancing lasted all the way through the band's final song at the end of the night.

All of our vendors came recommended by Greenhouse Loft and they worked together seamlessly to create a stress-free evening that fulfilled everything we had ever imagined for our big day. Having so many beautiful photos from Jamie and Eric Davis will allow us to relive and treasure the memories for many years to come!

-Brook, groom

Thanks to a wonderful team of vendors, yet again!

Catering: Big Delicious Planet
Officiant: Anita Vaughn
Band: Spoken Four
Florist: Pollen Floral Design
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis of Greenhouse Loft Photography 
Alcohol: Binny's

Meghan and Justin's Theatrical Wedding

Meghan and Justin got married at Greenhouse Loft last November, and it was a beautiful wedding full of exciting surprises!

Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft Photography shot the girls getting ready at The Sheraton Hotel downtown before the ceremony. We think Meghan looks timeless in the black and white photo!

Meghan Justin Greenhouse Loft Wedding

The ceremony set-up was filled with colorful floral arrangements made by Lynn Fossbender of Pollen Floral Design.

Megan and Justin had a lovely evening ceremony. The Nelson pendants, twinkle lights, and candles lit on the window ledges all reflected beautifully off of the window panes behind the couple.

After guests enjoyed an hour of cocktails and passed appetizers from the Hearty Boys, a bagpipe player lead guests back into the loft space as they found their seats for dinner!

The bridal party was introduced and before the bride and groom appeared,  a surprise performance ensued! A duo from El Stories reenacted the first time Meghan and Justin met, waiting at the bus stop for the 66 Chicago Bus! 

After the performance ended, Meghan and Justin were revealed, along with a lit-up marquee sign of their last name - Muggleton! 


The couple sat in front of a true-to-scale bus stop created specially for the performance, and friends and family toasted them with words of love and encouragement.

Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the Hearty Boys! After dinner, cake pops and an assortment of pies were served on the center island. 

After dinner, guests danced to tunes curated by Rachel from Toast & Jam DJs. A fun and lively dance party went on throughout the evening!

Guests also enjoyed posing with our collection of vintage hats in our very own live portraiture studio run by Steve Ewert - The Ultimate Photo Booth!  Guests left with beautiful 5x7 photo prints from the night as souvenirs of the event. 

Thank you to a wonderful team of vendors who helped make this evening such a beautiful celebration! 

Photography: Jamie Davis, Eric Davis, and Steve Ewert for Greenhouse Loft Photography
Catering: Hearty Boys
DJ: Kate & Rachel from Toast & Jam
Surprise Performance: El Stories
Florist: Pollen Floral Design
Videographer: Jack & Josh from Leap Weddings
Alcohol: Binny's
Cake: Made by a friend of the couple!