It's the time of year when lots of couples decide to start planning their wedding celebrations. At Greenhouse Loft, we try to make your wedding planning process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Lots of wedding websites have checklists for to-dos before the wedding, so we thought we'd toss our proverbial hats in the ring. Here's what we've learned from our own experiences as brides and event professionals.

GHL Wedding Prep Checklist Part 1

1. You're engaged or pretty close to it or married and want a party to celebrate your love! Congrats! First of all, decide what you want as a couple (sometimes this includes chatting with your families about what's important.) You can have a downtown hotel wedding, get married at a farm, on a beach, in a church, at the courthouse, or in a sustainable loft space (hint hint.) Any of those decisions are great. It's important to make sure that everyone's expectations are being met and that the lines of communication are wide open; trust your instincts (hey, they helped you pick out a great partner!)

GHL Wedding Prep Checklist Part 1

2. After you think about what you want, figure out your budget. Weddings and celebrations are fun, but each kind of thing has its expenses. Make sure to ask what's included with your venue rental (for instance, at Greenhouse Loft the rental fee includes: security, two staff members, all existing lighting and drapery in the space, bathrooms with 7 stalls in each plus a family restroom, elevators, an escalator, and an outdoor garden if the weather cooperates!) Once you've decided about your esthetic and budget, it's nice to get your ceremony and reception locked down. A lot of couples who get married onsite find it can be easy to have everything in one place, but having a ceremony offsite can be lovely too. Do you want a bridal party? Do you want everyone to be there (some people have intimate ceremonies without the whole guest list.)

Wedding Prep Checklist 1-3.jpg

3. Based on what you and your betrothed have chatted about, start thinking about who to invite. Your venue and budget will help set some guidelines, which are always helpful. We think it's awesome to work with vendors who are experienced with the kind of event you want to have. Ask questions!

GHL Wedding Prep Checklist Part 1

4. After you've decided who to invite (and maybe sent out save the dates if you're into that kind of thing) it's fun to pick out your caterer. At Greenhouse Loft, we have an approved catering list, and most venues will have suggestions of vendors who have given their past clients amazing experiences. Let them know what you like and go with the company you are the most comfortable with. Make sure that you understand all the costs- just so everyone is on the same page... if you have any questions, just ask! All vendors are around to make sure that you have the best day possible.

We'll pick up next time with part II!