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Why we love… Food For Thought

Why we love… Food For Thought

In our commitment to offer our couples an amazing wedding day, Greenhouse Loft has partnered with seven caterers who have proven to be the best in their trade. This list was created  as a benefit to our clients to ensure them an unforgettable experience on one of the most important days of their lives. We have worked with these caterers for many years at Greenhouse Loft and each one has something special to offer

Couples often ask who my favorite caterer is. That is such a difficult question to answer as they’re all so wonderful and unique. So, I got to thinking about our list of caterers and what we love about them! For the next seven weeks, I am going to feature each caterer so that you can get to know them and what makes them special to us.

Why we love… Food For Thought

Food For Thought has been in the catering business since 1983 and is one of Chicago’s top catering companies. I reached out to Nathan Printz, who is one of the Event Producers for some more details about what sets them apart. He said it’s their mission to create moments. “Our business has never been about just food, it’s about Chicago. It’s about people and it’s about the experience. With a team full of moment makers, we strive to make magical lasting moments for you and your guests.”

Each wedding is different so I asked Nathan what his most memorable wedding at Greenhouse Loft is. “Every wedding has something special that I walk away from thinking, ‘WOW how incredibly awesome was that…specifically for the newlyweds’. Whether it be that we were able to recreate their great grandma’s sugar cookie recipe or even getting a few shots on my phone that most guests will never see, and sending them to the couple after the wedding. Every wedding is special!”

His favorite type of dinner service? “I personally like events that use food stations, specifically ones that vary in flavor. It’s fun to create specific names for food items and add a little spice to the layout of the buffet. It helps create a fun atmosphere for each guest. It’s not a traditional type of service, but it definitely adds to the event’s uniqueness.” The center island at Greenhouse Loft creates a perfect station (or two), we can also use some of our tables to have stations around the dining room. I’ve seen Food for Thought do a donut station, which was pretty incredible!

Of course, I had to ask what Food for Thought loves about us at Greenhouse Loft! “I think what I love most about Greenhouse Loft is the design and architecture of the room. If you add a few tea lights and a little pop of color with the napkins, the room speaks for itself without having to use much décor. It’s such a unique space. Secondly, the practices that are in place to ensure events have as little impact on the planet as possible. Greenhouse Loft is a part of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance, which is a group of vendors in the Chicagoland area that committed to protecting the planet with green recycling practices and earth friendly products.” Food for Thought is also a member of the GWA, which we truly appreciate. When they’re in our space, we know that their commitment to a low-waste event is just as strong as ours.

We love to see the special moments unfold during Greenhouse Loft weddings. Your wedding takes a lot of planning, many decisions and possibly some sweat and tears. Having a caterer like Food for Thought by your side will help ensure that the whole planning process was all worth it. When the big day rolls around, between the staff at GHL and Food for Thought, you can just show up, get married, and have a lot of fun!

All photos by Greenhouse Loft Photography

You can contact Food For Thought regarding your wedding or event via their website or by email, or phone - 847-786-0892

Des + Eric

Des + Eric

Who doesn't love Halloween? This past October, Destiny & Eric took their mutual love for the holiday and used it as a theme for their wedding. What fun!

Welcome Signs.jpg
Those flowers in her bouquet just  scream  autumn, don't they? 

Those flowers in her bouquet just scream autumn, don't they? 

The wedding party all wore rich colors, perfect for the late October day.

The wedding party all wore rich colors, perfect for the late October day.

Costume change! Des changed into her costume, the Countess from American Horror Story - Hotel. Eric transformed into Rick from Rick and Morty.

Costume change! Des changed into her costume, the Countess from American Horror Story - Hotel. Eric transformed into Rick from Rick and Morty.


Guests spent a lot of the night in the Ultimate Photobooth

costumes portraits.jpg
costumes 2.jpg
Even the DJs and photographers joined in on the fun!

Even the DJs and photographers joined in on the fun!

193DEportraits (1).jpg

We were so honored to host this fun and creative wedding! Congratulations Destiny & Eric!

*Members of Green Wedding Alliance

April + Casey

April + Casey

April and Casey had a beautiful fall wedding at Greenhouse Loft last year. Aren't they such a beautiful couple!?!

UPB Couple.jpg

Her bouquet by Sprout Home was so incredible and complimented her amazing Sarah Seven gown.


All smiles as her love walks down the aisle!


One of our favorite details about this wedding is the creative use of Legos! The table numbers were made of Legos. :)


Big Delicious Planet served some yummy fresh fruit tarts for dessert. Bite sized desserts are a great way to allow your guests a variety for their sweet tooth. 


After dinner, Greenhouse Loft owner Steve Ewert opened up his photo studio for the Ultimate Photobooth. Guests came back all night to get their photo taken with the vast selection of vintage hats and props! 


We so enjoyed working with April and Casey last year. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

*Members of Green Wedding Alliance

Lindsay + Andrew

Lindsay + Andrew

Lindsay and Andrew got married at Greenhouse Loft last year on September 24th. To quote the couple when looking back on their big day, they said: "Our wedding in five words: Best day ever. Never again. That is to say, recapturing the profound joy of our wedding would be nearly impossible. (Also, neither of us much care to re-experience the stress that comes with planning such a party.)"

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
The lovely couple got ready at the Palomar Hotel

The lovely couple got ready at the Palomar Hotel

The first look and wedding party photos were at Berger Park at the Loyola campus. One of their favorite parts of the city!

The first look and wedding party photos were at Berger Park at the Loyola campus. One of their favorite parts of the city!

"Our ceremony was short, sweet and filled with sake, poetry, and laughter. And tears. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after we were through reading our vows (that we might have written the night before). It was a true delight to walk down the aisle together, to receive the love and attention of the entire crowd together. It felt like making it over the rainbow"


"What a party! The bride sat on a plate of h'ors d'oeuvres before it even started! (Quick action and club soda saved the dress and the day.) The DJ played Prince, Taylor Swift and Weird Al and our guests filled the floor the entire night. The line for the Ultimate Photobooth almost interfered with the line for the s'mores. Most importantly, we managed to eat some of the delicious food (mac and cheese, summer salads, flank steak with roasted potatoes) from our phenomenal caterer! We felt magic that day, a magic that grows from the energy of dozens of people united in one purpose: free drinks"

Passed appetizers by Big Delicious Planet

Passed appetizers by Big Delicious Planet


"Free drinks were the least we could provide for the people we love most in the world. A perfect constellation of family and friends lit up our lives over a singular weekend. We are forever grateful for their love and light, for their support and teasing, for their time and energy. We could not and would not have done it without them."

The Ultimate Photobooth

The Ultimate Photobooth

cute couple.jpg

Congratulations again Lindsay + Andrew! We wish you both a lifetime of smiles and happiness!

*Members of Green Wedding Alliance

Charlotte + Nicholas

Being that both Nicholas and I are long time Chicagoans, when we decided upon a November wedding, we knew that the weather could be anything from snowflakes to sun. We decided to accept whatever mother nature threw at us anyway. That morning we were delightfully surprised and blissfully thankful to have the most gorgeously sunny skies and perfectly crisp fall weather. It was just the beginning of a truly wonderful day! I started off the day getting ready with my bridal party and family at the Holiday inn Merchandise Mart plaza while Nicholas and his groomsmen got ready at our apartment in Lincoln Square. Even though our Church was only a block away from our apartment, the fellas rode the brown line downtown for some fun photo ops and for our first look. We had our first look on the Franklin bridge right on the river. It was a moment we will never forget and we are so thankful the dynamic photographer duo,  Eric and Jamie were there to caputure it! After the first look, we met back up with our fabulously large wedding party (8 on the brides side, 8 on the grooms!) and took the party bus around town, stopping  at  millennium park for some beautiful pictures. The next stop on the party bus was Queen Of Angels Catholic Church where Nicholas and I, surrounded by our families and friends exchanged our vows in a traditional Catholic mass. Among the beautiful readings by friends and family, a gorgeous version of my grandmothers favorite song, of Ave Maria sung by a close friend and the heartfelt mass led by our priest, Father Jim, Nicholas and I were bursting with love.

After the bells rang and we were announced as husband and wife, we set out to our reception. We were both so impressed with the staff and vendors at Greenhouse! The room was set up so beautifully and the best part was how much attention to detail was given. We never had a doubt that it would look perfect. While our guest enjoyed cocktail hour and delicious appetizers from Big Delicious Planet, we enjoyed some newlywed photos with our families and bridal party. Once the party got started, we enjoyed delicious food (everyone raves still about the short ribs!) beautiful toasts from both of our fathers and a surprise slide show put together by Nicholas's father. The surprises didn't end there. My beautiful maid of honor gave the most heartfelt speech centered around both Nick and I's belief in love. Nicholas's best man took that theme of believing in love to a new level as he constructed a band made out of Nicholas's two bands he plays with (we had no idea!) and surprised us with a song written by him. It was a touching surprise that only added to the massive amounts of love Nick and I had in our hearts that night! 

With everyone full of love and delicious food the celebration continued! We had a surprise of our own in store for everyone as we broke out into a choreographed dance routine to Walk the Moon’s "Shut up and dance with me"  during our first dance. Speaking of dancing, the dance floor was packed all night with our fun and energetic DJ, Tim from Mike staff productions. Tim was fantastic to work with and knocked it out of the ball park as our MC for the evening! He knew exactly what to play to get everyone of all ages to boogie on down. Between dancing, delicious food and drink, filling up on our huge candy and cookie bar and taking pictures in the photo studio, we were confident that our beloved guests had an amazing night as well. We went with the Ultimate Photo Package that included everyone being able to take home a 5x7 print of the photo booth shenanigans as a party favor. Steve was super fun to work with in the photo studio. His sense of humor managed to bring out everyone's smiles through out the evening! Everyone still talks about those pictures and how much fun they had capturing the night. Nicholas and I were so glad we decided to go with that unique package! So worth it!

We couldn't have been more thrilled about how our wedding day went. From start to finish, our wonderful catering team at Big Delicious Planet and the wonderful staff at Greenhouse Loft made our vision a reality. We cannot thank them enough for helping create such special memories on our Wedding day!  ~

Wedding Date: November 14, 2015


*Members of the Green Wedding Alliance

Eden & Brian's Wedding

Eden & Brian's Wedding

Eden and Brian were so much fun to work with.  Thinking back on this sunny day so amazing.  The ladies got ready in a light filled room in the hotel, their dresses ethereal in the sun.  We traveled around the city stopping by Grant Park, the Cancer Survivors Park, and the Chicago Board of Trade, (Where we ran into another bride that Eden knew! What a small city :) The ceremony was beautiful with an ivy backdrop designed by her sister with the help of their florist.  One of our favorite parts of the night was the live music!  Spoken Four played all the hits and more, and had the dance floor packed all night.  This was a brilliantly fun wedding.  Read below of Eden's account of the day!

"As Brian and I have been together for nearly a decade, we had thought about this day many, many times. It has taken many forms: it has been outdoors, indoors, raining, freezing cold, we have had a DJ, we have had a band. Of all of the versions our actual wedding day greatly surpassed our expectations. Between the exquisite coordination from vendors to beautiful hair and makeup, I had never imagined that it could be so flawless. My incredible sister and matron of honored doubled as our wedding planner, and her talents as an interior architect and designer were greatly appreciated and needed. My life greatly revolves around my work, and Brian’s not exactly a wedding planning sort of guy. Her idea for the ivy hanging behind us during the ceremony is still one of my favorite parts of the entire room. We also had help from a bridesmaid, who owns a custom bakery, with an incredible array of miniature sweets so that no one would be interrupted from their dancing and could take a sugar cookie right up to the dance floor. "

"We were slightly non-traditional in a few ways. I still tear up when I think about our ceremony, performed by the groom’s uncle, and how we were able to create such a meaningful moment without being in a religious venue. Religion has never been central to our relationship and the appeal of one location encouraged us to choose both wedding ceremony and reception at the Greenhouse Loft and I could not be happier with that decision. Crying happens to be a genetic trait in my family and the decision to have our first look privately meant that I could cry hysterically and only my groom and the photographers would really see it... and the makeup artists was still upstairs to fix any mess I made." 

"Our first dance was also non-traditional as it was a rock song. The moment that this song represents has profound significance in our relationship and was in many ways the moment that we fell in love. We were lucky enough to find a string quartet version of the song, and the lyrics were printed on the back of each menu. My last non-traditional aspect was the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. In addition to having many different body types to dress, I desperately wanted the bridesmaids to have dresses they could wear to another event. People warned me of this and that it would look messy, but I am thrilled to say that while it may have been a bit of extra work, the outcome was an ethereal color palate and each bridesmaid was stunning, and loved her dress. "

"One highlight for me was the father-daughter dance. I had surprised my father and did not tell him the song, which was an old-school country song that he would dance with me to when I was very young; it is one of my oldest memories. I have never seen my father cry until that day, and it was such a beautiful moment. We then switched up the couples and I danced with my new father-in-law, who I have known for so many years. During the groom’s dance with his mother we also did a switch up, and while Brian danced with my mother, my mother-in-law found my little brother and danced with him. It was perfect."

"Our greatest concern was the happiness of our guests. Our priorities were delicious, decadent food, varieties of desserts, never-ending alcohol, and hours upon hours of dancing. At end of the evening these were some complimentary points that guests brought up to us, making us feel that it was a success. Our guests were ready to party in every sense of the word, from the first song the band played until the last, we were so thankful for the infectious energy on the dance floor. And beyond that, we were overwhelmed by the love in the loft space that night. It was all above and beyond any emotion we had anticipated. Thank you to everyone who made our day more perfect than we had imagined, and certainly more fun! "

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Thanks to the vendors involved with this great evening! 

Wedding Venue: Greenhouse Loft
Wedding Photography: Greenhouse Loft; Jamie Davis, Eric Davis, Steve Ewert
Catering: Hearty Boys
Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music: Amaryllis Strings
Band: Spoken Four
Flowers: Chicago Flower Company
Desserts: CB Custom Bakeshop
Hair: Amie Miller
Makeup: Elise Brill
Dress: Mikaella from Weddings 826
Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss
Rings: Harold Burland & Son Jewelry
Transportation: Metropolitan Limo Service
Paper Goods: Minted

Julie and Alison's Wedding Celebration

Julie and Allison had a beautiful wedding at Greenhouse Loft last September, filled with family, friends, and lots of dancing! The brides took photos in our outdoor garden, followed by a Ketubah signing indoors, with family circled around. They wed underneath a beautiful chuppah adorned with lush green branches and touches of florals prepared by Pollen Floral Design. Close friends were involved in the ceremony as well, with one performing a solo guitar song.

Parents and friends toasted Julie and Alison with words of encouragement during the reception. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by FIG Catering, then a large dance party ensued, thanks to great tunes from Toast & Jam. Everyone had fun getting group portraits taken in Greenhouse Loft's Ultimate Photo Booth

Check out the photo story from Julie + Alison's September wedding at Greenhouse Loft!


We also cannot rave more about Greenhouse Loft - and we hear equally great things from all of our guests.  Everything was flawless and beautiful. 

-Julie and Alison

Thank you to a great wedding team!

Catering and Alcohol: FIG Catering 
Flowers: Pollen Floral Design
DJ: Toast & Jam (Karin)
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis for Greenhouse Loft Photography

We've been grateful to work with many wonderful same-sex couples on their weddings and Greenhouse Loft is proud to support marriage equality. We'll be participating in the upcoming LGBT Wedding Expo, hosted by the Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

The event is free and open to the public! It will take place on Saturday Marcy 7th, from 11am to 2pm at 3179 N. Clark Street, 2nd floor. Come swing by our booth to chat about your upcoming wedding. We'll be serving up delicious champagne cocktails! We hope to see you there.

Erica and Brook's Autumn Wedding Celebration

We had the pleasure of photographing Erica and Brook's wedding at Greenhouse Loft this past October. They were such a sweet couple and we loved spending the day with them. The groom was kind enough to share his thoughts from their wedding day with us. We hope you enjoy looking back at their autumnal wedding celebration through Brook's point of view, accompanied by photos taken by Jamie and Eric Davis for Greenhouse Loft Photography!

In Brook's words:

From start to finish, our wedding day was filled with laughter, fellowship, and fun. Our vendors had everything taken care of in advance, so we were free to spend brunch with our closest friends. Erica then went back to our Ukrainian Village apartment to get ready and put on her gorgeous dress designed by Jane White of Palazzo. We met outside the apartment for a memorable first look right across the street. 

The rain held off until the evening, so we were able to take pre-ceremony photographs at Humboldt Park. Between the lake, the autumn colors, the flower garden, and the park, there was no shortage of lovely vistas that made for great photos. From there, it was a short drive to Greenhouse Loft for the ceremony and reception.

By the time we arrived, the venue was already adorned with vibrant, bright flower arrangements from Pollen. These centerpieces served as the perfect backdrop for a touching ceremony officiated by Anita Vaughn.

It was important for us to keep our guests together in the main room surrounded by natural light throughout the evening. The flexibility and creativity of Greenhouse Loft made this possible. A semi-circle of chairs for the ceremony gave way to dining room tables for the reception, with our dance floor in the middle.

We enjoyed a delicious, family-style autumn dinner from Big Delicious Planet, with drinks supplied by Binny's.

Underneath a romantic ambiance of Christmas-lights and candle lights, we smiled all the way through our first dance.

Then we sang and celebrated through the evening as the band Spoken Four led a high-energy dance party.

The only break from dancing was to partake in Big Delicious Planet's cake pops and ice cream bar. The dancing lasted all the way through the band's final song at the end of the night.

All of our vendors came recommended by Greenhouse Loft and they worked together seamlessly to create a stress-free evening that fulfilled everything we had ever imagined for our big day. Having so many beautiful photos from Jamie and Eric Davis will allow us to relive and treasure the memories for many years to come!

-Brook, groom

Thanks to a wonderful team of vendors, yet again!

Catering: Big Delicious Planet
Officiant: Anita Vaughn
Band: Spoken Four
Florist: Pollen Floral Design
Photography: Jamie Davis and Eric Davis of Greenhouse Loft Photography 
Alcohol: Binny's

Meghan and Justin's Theatrical Wedding

Meghan and Justin got married at Greenhouse Loft last November, and it was a beautiful wedding full of exciting surprises!

Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft Photography shot the girls getting ready at The Sheraton Hotel downtown before the ceremony. We think Meghan looks timeless in the black and white photo!

Meghan Justin Greenhouse Loft Wedding

The ceremony set-up was filled with colorful floral arrangements made by Lynn Fossbender of Pollen Floral Design.

Megan and Justin had a lovely evening ceremony. The Nelson pendants, twinkle lights, and candles lit on the window ledges all reflected beautifully off of the window panes behind the couple.

After guests enjoyed an hour of cocktails and passed appetizers from the Hearty Boys, a bagpipe player lead guests back into the loft space as they found their seats for dinner!

The bridal party was introduced and before the bride and groom appeared,  a surprise performance ensued! A duo from El Stories reenacted the first time Meghan and Justin met, waiting at the bus stop for the 66 Chicago Bus! 

After the performance ended, Meghan and Justin were revealed, along with a lit-up marquee sign of their last name - Muggleton! 


The couple sat in front of a true-to-scale bus stop created specially for the performance, and friends and family toasted them with words of love and encouragement.

Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the Hearty Boys! After dinner, cake pops and an assortment of pies were served on the center island. 

After dinner, guests danced to tunes curated by Rachel from Toast & Jam DJs. A fun and lively dance party went on throughout the evening!

Guests also enjoyed posing with our collection of vintage hats in our very own live portraiture studio run by Steve Ewert - The Ultimate Photo Booth!  Guests left with beautiful 5x7 photo prints from the night as souvenirs of the event. 

Thank you to a wonderful team of vendors who helped make this evening such a beautiful celebration! 

Photography: Jamie Davis, Eric Davis, and Steve Ewert for Greenhouse Loft Photography
Catering: Hearty Boys
DJ: Kate & Rachel from Toast & Jam
Surprise Performance: El Stories
Florist: Pollen Floral Design
Videographer: Jack & Josh from Leap Weddings
Alcohol: Binny's
Cake: Made by a friend of the couple!